SSL certificate

Protect your client's data
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Domain Validation

Basic protection and verification of the site owner


One site
185.26 UAH per year

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium

One site
1519.25 UAH per year

RapidSSL Wildcard

One website + subdomains
2979.50 UAH per year

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Organization Validation

Basic protection and verification of the site owner


One site
855.50 UAH per year

GeoTrust True BusinessID

One site
2020.75 UAH per year

Multi-Domain SSL

Several sites
2452.19 UAH per year

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Extended Validation

Basic protection and verification of the site owner

SSL Web Server with EV

Several sites
3849.75 UAH per year


One site
4104.19 UAH per year

EV Multi-Domain SSL

Several sites
6685.44 UAH per year

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Secure connection

SSL certificate will enable your site to work on the secure HTTPS protocol

Protection of visitor's data

The personal information of your customers will be protected by advanced encryption.

SEO-effect and trust of customers

Websites with installed SSL certificate is trusted by the customers and the search systems

Protect your traffic

SSL protection provides data confidentiality between the client and server over TCP/IP by encrypting. Every reputable site owner, who wants to achieve high website traffic, must think about security and data protection and this issue requires to have a SSL certificate.

To improve competitiveness of your business, you need to think about security. You can purchase a SSL certificate in Ukraine at a good price without any problems for your budget.

SSL Certificate - Your Safety

Security - one of the most important criteria for evaluating the provided services. Our company sells only the latest solutions of the SSL certificate market. If you are searching for the product you need, please pay attention for the terms of our SSL service..

RX-NAME offers competitive plans for its customers. Before the purchase of SSL certificate, anyone can take a free trial period. It will allow you to test and configure your website in accordance with all requirements and decide which type of protocol you need. After that, you can purchase the SSL certificate for permanent use.



First of all, you need it to keep your customer’s sensitive information and provide secure connections. Let your business be more competitive and profitable! Your clients will feel more comfortable and willing to deal with you because their personal data is kept safe

If you do not have experience in installation of SSL certificate or extra time for it, we can provide our customized installation job for you. If you prefer to do it by yourself, please follow our step-by-step instructions.

To create a secure system takes professional effort and resources. We have professional and proven experience and resources to provide the service. We have all the necessary equipment: modern industry servers leaders like HP and Dell that are able to handle the most challenging hosting situations.